Stepping Out of the Boat

Just a guy following God's call


Where my almost crippling insecurity comes from   Little kid - To say I was a little kid is a vast understatement.  I was very little.  From my earliest memories to the end of my high school years, I was... Continue Reading →

My Testimony, Part 1.

This has been quite an experience for me.  Taking the time to write out my testimony has been an exercise I would recommend everyone do.  Next to the Gospel itself, our personal testimonies are the best tool we have for... Continue Reading →

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

In our society we've taken innocent until proven guilty and applied it to our morality.  Now anything is permissible as long as we can't prove it's wrong.  I hear Christians every day say things like, "Well I want to quit... Continue Reading →

Misplaced Joy

I was feeling a bit down/overwhelmed the other day, and as I was sitting at work, I texted my wife with this. "I misplaced my joy."  What I meant when I sent it was that it was lost, gone.  I... Continue Reading →

Permanently stuck in a temporary situation

Am I the only one who feels (or has felt) like this? For the past several years, I've been sitting in a beige cubicle.  That's right.  As if being in a cubicle wasn't bad enough, it's beige.  Dirty beige.  Sure,... Continue Reading →


I met this girl once in the most unlikely of places. In a room filled with despair and pain there was a ray of beauty. In an instant God filled my dark and dreary world with a bright light of... Continue Reading →

Reaping before Sowing

I'm that kind of guy. The one who is 100% into whatever it is in the moment. It's not a great thing to admit, but it's the truth.  It's the way I'm wired.  When I get passionate about something, I'm... Continue Reading →

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